A small town

Strange time for a post – I am sitting in a caravan in a camping field on the edge of a National Park, with, perhaps, the most erratic internet connection I have had for years..  Sometimes there is a connection, a slow connection – other times here is no connection at all.  And we have been to areas where there is no phone signal at all – something I haven’t encountered in the UK for years!  But, it has introduced me to a Small Town, something else I haven’t seen in the UK for a while either as I live in one of the more heavily populated parts of the country.

Bellingham is described as a town and has a town hall, but it is smaller than some of the villages and  hamlets from my part of the world, and while it is geared towards tourism, it sort of fits with the definition of a small town in my campaign rules – which pleases me no end :]

It is  described as the ‘capital’ of the region, and has a Town Hall, public library and a municipal depot, it has two, or perhaps three churches (different Christian denominations) something that looked like it was once a fourth church and a  separate graveyard – so plenty of Loy and Stab.

There are three pubs – one equates to an Inn, another is probably a road house and the third is more of a tavern.  There are plenty of small shops that equate to the commoner cottage industries and two  shops that could represent larger shops with an Economic Value – one is a small supermarket the other an outdoor/hardware shop.  And then there is the campsite / holiday lodges where I am staying.

Oh, and there are farming hamlets scattered around.

There are probably a couple of things I have missed, but on the surface, it fits  the small town profile of my campaign rules quite nicely!

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