A Mansion in the City

This morning I went down a rabbit-hole. I should have been doing on-line training, but while I was getting set-up for the day, I came across a plan of a large town house. Originally, I had intended it as a home for an aristocrat from a merchant house – but today I re-envisioned it as a mansion in the city.

This is, perhaps what a PC buys when they have ‘made it’ and want to live in town, or where a minor aristocrat might live, and it makes a good Role Playing hook for players as they progress. Suddenly they have servants to look after them, keeping the place clean, cooking meals etc. If you use my Campaign Rules, this counts as a mansion and has space for live-in members of the PCs entourage.

Outside you might find a small garden, and perhaps a small mews stable for the owners horse – although it probably isn’t large enough for a carriage. Outdoor staff may live in an attic room above the stable.

The semi-basement is where the domestic staff live and work. There is a servants’ hall, rooms for a housekeeper, cook, housemaids and other domestic servants. The kitchen and laundry provide food, clean clothing and hot water for the house, while the back staircase means they can be delivered discreetly to the floors above. The semi-basement is partly below ground and is accessed by steps that lead down from street level. All the rooms have small, high windows and are a bit dingy.

Broad steps lead up from street level to the mansion’s reception hall. Guests are met at the door by a servant and shown into a small Receiving Room to await the owner’s pleasure. Favoured guests will be invited into the spacious sitting room and, perhaps, into the library or dining room. Double doors from the sitting room open onto wide steps that lead into the small garden. Servants deliver meals, snacks or report for duty, discreetly, via the back staircase. The reception hall has a staircase that leads up to the middle floor.

The stairs lead to a good sized landing with a door off to the master suite, which consists of a private sitting room, bedroom, bathing room and a walk in closet. The bathing room won’t have hot running hater, but there are enough servants to keep the bath filled. Other doors lead to smaller rooms for guests or family members, and there is a small enclosed staircase that leads up to the attic floor.

The attic floor can be configured in a number of ways. In this example there is a nursery, which provides accommodations for any children as well as their Nanny or Tutor. Four smaller rooms could serve as accommodation for grown children, favoured employees or entourage members. Or even be used as a junk room.

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